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Father was very worried. At first, I even kept it from him. All parents dream of seeing the continuation of themselves in children, and my father is a true fanatic of his work, infinitely devoted to the cause. He is a leading specialist in the design of steel structures, and in this industry, as in many others, continuity is very important. The most valuable knowledge and practical experience is passed down from generation to generation. And he, of course, really wanted to pass on the experience to me. Over time, he somehow took my hobby. He is pleased that I have become successful, earned credibility. Still, he considered the engineering, “creating” specialty to be of paramount importance, although he admitted that other professions were also needed. Someone must heal, someone must teach and help people maintain their health.

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Gretz Gym


10 years of coaching experience

I followed in the footsteps of my father Ivan Gretz and graduated from the Institute of Civil Engineering - in my family there is a real dynasty of builders. 

By the way, the father still works, a very famous and authoritative person in this field. But, having worked in the specialty after the institute, I realized that it was absolutely not mine. During my studies, I started bodybuilding - just as a student hobby. But gradually it turned into something more. And just then perestroika broke out, and with it new opportunities emerged, the first cooperatives opened. One of them was organized near my house - it was a kind of modern fitness club, with a gym and an aerobics room. 


Just at that time I left work literally “nowhere” and was looking for a new place. I really wanted to become an instructor, to turn my hobby into a main activity. I went to this cooperative, the gym there was headed by David Brown, I asked for it, and I was accepted. At that time, the work there was organized as follows: Leonid Alekseevich was, as it is now called, a senior instructor and personal trainer. He himself developed programs, conducted fitness testing, completely controlled the entire process, and we worked with people according to his methods in the halls. And so, getting up on the coaching path, I began to move along it step by step. Then there was the experience of self-organization of fitness clubs. In 1998, I became the second person in EU who graduated from ISSA - International Sport Science Associations and received an American certificate of personal fitness trainer.

I noticed this trend - more and more large fitness clubs prefer to recruit managers not from the sphere of fitness. It is much easier and more profitable to find a good manager and teach him the basics of fitness than to teach a good coach at least the basics of management. Therefore, our graduates with good theoretical and practical training in the field of management of the fitness industry, become very popular professionals.

They are gradually reaching a higher level, and the main impetus is precisely the improvement of the quality of management. There is a clear relationship in the work of all employees. For example, client services are provided by coaches. But to find and invite to work a professional trainer can only be a professional gym manager, who in turn can only be found by a professional fitness director, who was found by a professional general director, who was hired by an owner with professional knowledge. It seems to me that such a vector of management is becoming stronger and stronger, and, despite the fact that we are a little behind the West, there is still a movement towards civilized business.

Of course! First, I visit the gym twice a week in my fitness club Gretz Gym. Despite the fact that the ambition of the bodybuilder has lost a long time ago, a habit has formed over the years, and physical activity brings me pleasure. By the way, now experts put lessons with burdens on the first place in terms of effectiveness in terms of preventing various diseases, increasing immunity and quality of life, reducing all possible age risks.
In parallel, for the past 4 years, I have been passionately fond of playing golf - I train, participate in amateur competitions. This is a very interesting, beautiful and dynamic sport that combines endless opportunities for self-improvement and competition. Unfortunately, this artificial belief is hindering that golf is a business exclusively for oligarchs. Throughout the rest of the world, it is one of the most democratic sports, mostly in second place after fitness.

In the winter - snowboarding, in the summer - windsurfing. And for the last May holidays I managed to arrange a perfect holiday for myself: I went to Egypt, in Soma Bay. There are coral reefs, an excellent surf station and a luxurious golf course. And so I spent half the day at sea, and the rest half - played golf. This place has become for me a real paradise.

  • The accumulated experience and knowledge have developed into a clear understanding of what an ideal fitness club should be, what a professional instructor should know and be able to do. I saw that it was practically never implemented at the proper level, and decided to organize uniform fitness courses. At that time, nothing of the kind existed, the risk was practically non-existent, no investment was required, so it was possible to experiment absolutely painlessly.
  • As you understand, in training without specialists with fundamental knowledge of anatomy, physiology can not do! Therefore, I went to the Institute of Physical Education, where I met Richard D., head of the department of physiology. He listened to my proposal with great enthusiasm and offered to organize courses on the basis of the department. Thus began our collaboration, then our first textbook and educational programs appeared. That was all.
  • The first groups consisted of fitness enthusiasts - at that time I had neither a name nor a big authority in this area. But I must note that the courses are rapidly gaining momentum. After 2-3 years, our graduates turned to us, by that time they had grown from simple trainers to fitness directors. And now they needed knowledge of management issues. So we began to develop the School of Management. They searched, invited the best experts, implemented thematic programs. Then people who planned to open their fitness club began to contact us. So there was a need for the development of the consulting direction of the Association.